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The benefit of gantry systems is that they can set up in different ways, including under, over, next, or even around the load or lifting, unlike conventional cranes.

Hydraulic gantry cranes also offer a cost-effective solution since you can use it in many different ways.

You will find it challenging to transport a large power transformer (LPT). The heavyweight and large dimensions demand some specific attention to offering safe transportation. The transport mediums like rail, road, and port conditions will make the process time-consuming and expensive.

How Can I Estimate the Weight of a Transformer?

The weight of the transformer will correlate to the KVA. The electrical contractor will decide the weight required of the transformer in conjunction with labour values and parts.


A standard transformer is designed to change high-input voltage to the lower voltage to meet your home electricity needs. The power comes from the power plant. Contractors usually prefer installing liquid-submerged assemblies of the transformer on the utility holes.

Weight Calculation

For calculating weight, the capacity in kilovolt is multiplied by the BIL (the Basic Impulse Insulation Level). It will offer the weight estimation of a transformer. Both these values are available for all transformers. You can use these to calculate the weight of each transformer.


The weight of the transformer contributes to the price and enables transformer distributors and electrical contractors to make profits from their business.

Tips to Estimate Transformer Load

A transformer is designed to change the voltage from one to another level for different power companies, chargers, and appliances. However, the size does not contribute to energy. But it adds to the electricity amount that it provides.

The technicians and electricians follow a basic rule to calculate the weight.

They refer to those tools powered by the transformer as its load. That might be an appliance, machinery, and electronic components which measure the amount in volt, watts, or amps. However, you need to understand some specific electrical formulas and terms to estimate the capacity.

Benefits of Using Our Gantry System for Your Relocation

here are several benefits of using our hydraulic gantry lifting system for your relocation.

We are specialised to move heavy loads from one point to its destination in Europe and the UK.

Also, we can move complete machinery or machine within a building from one department to another. Our gantry system will enable our clients to lift a heavy item without the need for a tall crane that cannot be used indoors.

Ask us about or transformer relocation.

If you have an enormous power transformer that you need to be moved or relocated, then call our team today.

Our Hydraulic gantry lift system offers easy and low-cost solutions. Our skilled transportation and specialist lifting service provide a convenient option to move your transformer safely into the current location.

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