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Machinery Lifting Examples

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  • 22-08-2019

Examples of machinery, other items lifted using hydraulic gantries

Hydraulic Gantry Lift is widely regarded as the global leader in the lifting and positioning of heavy loads accurately. The hydraulic gantries from Hydraulic Gantry Lift can be used in any location. The load capacity of the gantries varies between sixty to 1200 tonnes and can be classified into:

  •  The affordable Super Lift series (SL).

  • The Super Boom Lift series (SBL), for heavier loads.

  • Mega boom lifts (MBL), which have the highest capacity. 

Companies involved in lifting and shifting equipment use the gantries. These hi-tech hydraulic gantries combine European engineering excellence, with a streamlined design and the most advanced wireless technology giving X an edge over its competitors. For optimal safety, reliability and stability, the hydraulic gantries are designed with the following features:

  • Include all the required electrical and hydraulic systems
  • Have tank rollers or are self-propelled using wheels
  • Gantry operators are provided with a handheld remote control system so they can view the area; clearly, no obstructions are blocking the view
  • The Intelli-Lift control system used is wireless and automatically corrects the motion of units if it is not synchronised. The system provides information about the lift, stroke and load for each of the units.
  • More substantial gantries like MBL500, MBL600, SBL1100 have booms which are fold-able
  • A complete range of additional equipment like lifting lugs, header beams, skid tracks is also supplied. Since we have many years of experience, we provide our customers with a wide range of solutions for moving heavy equipment

Transformer installation

The transformer was moved from the rail car to the truck for transportation using the SBL900 hydraulic gantry. After the transformer was delivered at the substation, it was installed on its platform using the gantry.

Transporting Machine bed weighing 120 ton

The machine bed, weighing 120 tonnes, was quickly and easily lifted using the Intelli-lift wireless controls, which are supplied with the SBL500 hydraulic gantry.

Generator and turbine installations

For a new power plant constructed in Libya, a Super Boom Lift gantry was used to move a turbine weighing 280 tons and a generator weighing 214 tonnes, over a distance of five meters and position it accurately for installation.

Hydraulic press transportation

Hydraulic gantries of the SL400 series were used for offloading, transporting, tilting, and lifting a hydraulic press of 1200 tonnes to its new location on the mezzanine section of the second floor.

Lifting and loading a turbine

At a shipping port, the turbine was lifted and loaded on a trailer using an SBL1100 hydraulic gantry.

Hydrocracker offloading

A hydrocracker, weighing 300 tons, was lifted from a barge and loaded into a Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) using two hydraulic gantries.

Assembling modules for oil rig offshore platforms

During construction of an oil rig offshore, one SBL1100 hydraulic gantry was used to lift and position the four rig modules weighing 700 tonnes each, safely.

Travel Gantry

Our travel gantry has a lifting capacity of 60 tonnes, is self-folding and has rubber tires. It includes telescopic cylinders, all hydraulics required and wireless controls. It combines the ease of the use of a modular transporter with the efficiency and safety of a gantry.

Vertical transporter

Hydraulic Gantry Lift has a vertical cask transporter which ensures that the nuclear casks at facilities for used fuel storage are handled safely. This combines the flexibility of a carrier with the lifting capacity of a gantry.