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A crane might not effectively lift a load bridge deck in winds greater than 12 mph. It might become risky to lift the load through a crane and may cause danger to workers on the ground. A better bridge deck lifting alternative is hydraulic gantry lifting system. Hydraulic Gantry Lift can make use of a gantry to facilitate the replacement of bridge section on a railway line. For any bridge deck replacement project, the gantry lift system is beneficial and efficient.

It works from the ground level and the convenience with which the deck can be lifted, making it a smooth construction activity to install the new bridge deck. These machines have four telescopic legs and an overhead beam, which allow for heavy loads to be lifted vertically. When there is a need for the load to be transported, the entire gantry system can traverse on the railway track.

Hydraulic gantries offer significant advantages by being a cost-effective solution for rigging applications and lifting loads. Hydraulic Gantry Lift offers to provide two distinct types of hydraulic gantry systems deployed for railway construction activities;

  • Superlift (SL) series: - for loads of up to 400 metric tonnes (mT)
  • Super Boom Lift (SBL) series: - for loads of up to 1100 metric tonnes
  • High-performance gantries

Hydraulic Gantry Lift hydraulic gantries have a host of attractive features. They come with self-propelled wheels or tank rollers, self-contained electrics and hydraulics. It also has a mechanical locking feature permitting load holding for long duration and a wireless control system. The modern system provides the user with sustained information about the lift, stroke and load per unit. If it finds any unsynchronised activity, the system automatically corrects the motion of individual units. The mounted cameras also give the user an unobstructed view of the load, ensuring better safety.

The best thing about the gantry system is that unlike the cranes, these systems are not affected by winds to a great extent. It can be operated at wind speeds of up to four times stronger than a crane. Gantry system is easy to transport and assemble. You can enable it to be used in areas where the possibility of using a crane is negligible. In comparison to the traditional jack and pack method used for smaller bridges, the gantry system allows for a continuous lift that is sheltered and compact.

Low-risk deployment

Hydraulic Gantry Lift's hydraulic gantry is very easy and cost-effective to mobilise. Telescopic legs of the gantry can be bent to facilitate smooth transportation of the equipment. This can then be carried on a flatbed trailer or inside a shipping container. After reaching the site, the gantry enables the new deck to be constructed on ground level without the need for working at height.

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