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Hydraulic gantries are considered to be an effective and safe option for the positioning and lifting of heavier loads for applications where regular cranes are not the best fit. Likewise, you cannot work with any permanent overhead structures using cranes.

When hydraulic gantries and rail systems work together, they confer an active means order to place and move the heavier loads. The hydraulic gantries are recognised to be cost-effective options for different types of rigging and lifting applications.

Lifting a press

The lifting and relocation of a press can be done over a single weekend using a hydraulic gantry, saving more than three weeks in the lost production time. As a press provides essential manufactured goods within a factory, the relocation of the press must be done carefully and promptly.

In general, the press needs to be de-stacked for the objective of the movement, in which you need to de-stress and dismantle the tie rods into the individual components completely.

Along with reassembling in the location, it would take the time duration of three weeks. If the relocation of the press is in the same building, the hydraulic gantry is useful for the movement of the press without having to dismantle it.

After the completion of the preparatory work, the gantry lifts the press and the foundations. Next to that, along with the gantry tracks, it is moved into the new position.

Once it gets placed in a unique location, our specialists will re-rig the gantry, uplift the press and place the one on the prepared press foundation.

Hydraulic Gantry Lifting

You can benefit from the rental of hydraulic gantry lifting for the long term and short term projects. You can select from different lift capacities in the range of twenty to 453 tones along with the extension to ten meters in the air.

The gantry control system let us operate the lift at every leg locally or make use of Intellilift remote control.

The hydraulic gantry lifting system is known to confer a wide assortment of advantages. The wireless control system enables the unobstructed view of the lift and the load. Every gantry leg is inclusive of an integrated self-propelled drive system for ensuring smooth movement.

The gantry is known to be compact, and it is possible to transport the same in a single container. It possesses an enclosed hydraulic power pack as well as hoses for ensuring safety.

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