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The Hydraulic Gantry Lift team receive heavy lifting training which is updated regularly to include the latest equipment, technology, rules and regulations. This training program covers all the electrical and mechanical aspects of lifting and moving.

Our training ensures that all the staff have the expertise to carry out the lifting efficiently and safely, completing the task quickly. Our team will ensure that the moving will be completed according to the budget.

Business relocation

Businesses may relocate for several reasons such as local business conditions or lower rent. Both the company and their lifting service provider need to conform to the relevant health and safety rules for the project to protect their interests.

Doing so helps prevent any legal issues at a later date. Hence all the employees of Hydraulic Gantry Lift undergo a training and development program.

Company Relocation Services

A company can decide to relocate for a number of reasons. This can be due to increased demand or for the economic benefits of a new location.

When there is heavy machinery involved, you need a service capable of moving your equipment safely and efficiently. Our relocation team are well trained and will complete the task on budget and on time.

Cargo Services and transport

In addition to transporting standard size cargo, we provide specialised transportation services for oversized cargo and other heavy equipment. It also provides project logistics management service, which is integrated for a wide range of industry sectors.

Some of these sectors are petrochemical, chemical, construction, energy, engineering, infrastructure, pipelines, mining, pharmaceuticals and others. These industry sectors can also benefit from cargo transportation for various raw materials and equipment.

Civil Engineering Jacking Systems

Jacking systems are used extensively for civil engineering lifting applications. All staff are trained to handle these jacking systems safely so that they do not cause injury.

Alternative Lifting Services

For a contract lift, we plan and execute all the lifting work. We select the most suitable equipment for the specific lifting project. We also decide the arrangements for slinging and the arrangements for signalling.

We will supervise the entire lift and are responsible for all aspects of the lifting operation. An alternative to contract lifting is CPA hire, the lift operator and equipment are hired under the CPA conditions by the customer.

The customer will do the planning of the activities, control the work and supervise the lifting, which is an alternative to contract lifting where the lifting service provider takes responsibility for all aspects.

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