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Read our frequently asked questions to find out more about our lifting services. We offer hydraulic gantry lifting for factory relocations, plant machinery transportation and more.

Yes, A gantry system is useful and efficient for relocating transformers. Hydraulic gantry systems or jacking systems/mini jacks are considered some of the best for industrial lifts. 

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We can usually lift loads between 1-300 tons using gantry systems. A transformer can be hefty, but the gantry system is efficient and helpful in relocating heavy transformers. 

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The hydraulic gantry system provides some of the best support for moving and placing heavy loads, whether machinery or equipment.

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The hydraulic gantry system is used to move all sorts of heavy loads, whether they are equipment or machines, and into locations where standard cranes won't fit in. Because the hydraulic gantry lift is mobile and easily transportable, it is ideal for moving awkward and heavy loads without sacrificing safety. 

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The hydraulic gantry crane is suitable for heavy lifting to provide a safe and efficient service. The hydraulic gantry crane can lift between 20-453 tonnes and is reliable and versatile.

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Air skates are used to lift heavy loads from the floor easily before transport. The air skate is made up of inflatable cushions or diaphragms placed under the load and around its centre of gravity. Compressed air is then sent into the diaphragms, which gradually fills the space between the load and the floor. The equipment is floated on a thin film of air and can be moved in any direction.

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There are various sizes and capacities with the air skates, but a set of 4 skates can carry loads between 2-60 tons when working with a floor pressure of 1kg/cm2. Multiple air skates can move even more depending on their size and other factors.

There is a range of lifting devices. Some of these include cranes, forklift trucks, hoists, lifts and mobile elevating platforms. For example, a lifting device can lift a person to fix broken cables to lifting produce from crates. There are many lifting devices and uses for them in workplaces.

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When trying to move large machinery around the workplace, you could use a forklift to move it safely as they are made for these jobs. You can also have the machinery placed on skates (use the forklift to put them there) if the skates can safely hold the weight of the machinery.

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Lifting equipment is a general term for the equipment that is used to help lift all types and weights of loads. Some of these lifting equipment includes jacks, vacuum lifts, hoists, gantries, rotating screws, forklifts, hydraulic lifting pads, airlift bags, cranes and gin poles. Many more lifting types of equipment can be used, but these are the most known.

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This means that the equipment within the factory is to be moved to a new location. This can be for many reasons, including requiring more or less space and having money issues. In addition, they can have other reasons than the ones stated here.

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Having a factory relocated can be for many reasons, but you need to have a few considerations in mind. Some of these considerations include:

The site relocation requires practical and experienced support to help plan and assist in the transition. If a specialised and experienced team does not do relocation to keep it efficient, the failure can damage the business from a financial standpoint that was not planned for. 

Pay attention to the risk management section. Keeping the project planned and on schedule keeps the risk down and has it done effectively and efficiently.

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There are various transport methods, but these depend on the equipment that you want to be moved. 

Flatbed trailers are the most common method of transport for large equipment. Check the weight of your equipment and check with the provider to ensure it can handle the weight. 

Towing can also be used for transporting equipment short distances. Check to make sure there have been allowances for the extra weight from the equipment.

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There are a few things that you need to do for transporting the heavy machinery safely:

Mapping out the most linear route for the transport ahead of time is important to know where you should go and, most importantly, is it capable of getting there. E.g. does the road support the weight of your vehicles? Are you going under any bridges?

Applying for a transportation permit when your load is oversized or overwidth, which most heavy construction equipment is. 

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Having so many different people managing the project can be difficult. A turnkey equipment relocation is where a single company or person controls the management and decisions to ensure you do not go over budget and behind time. This makes it much easier for co-ordination between the other companies and transportation. 

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